Die-cutting and Gluing

Carton packaging cut, glued and folded with precision

Beautiful cartons are not just about eye-catching graphics and tactile finishes. Cartons also need the right shape and structural strength in order to feel comfortable in the hand, look good, and to protect the product within while standing up to the rigours of transportation. Strong cartons are built to last and this durability is found in how the packaging is put together.


Before production even begins, our cardboard engineers at Wisden Packaging printers can provide you with custom cutter profiles for your bespoke folding packaging solution. Carefully computed, from the main body to the intricate tabs, folds, and slits which help to lock it in to place, exact measurements take into account the material being printed on for the best results.

We use state-of-the-art die-cutting machinery to cut and crease material into your desired carton shape and structure. Every feature is cut or creased with precision so all parts come together, whether slotted, folded or glued. Our die-cut machine produces multiple identical copies, never allowing for even the slightest deviation in cuts or folds. Everything is meticulously checked and rechecked so your folded carton packaging is retail ready.


The gluing process involves the folding and gluing of the flat card material into a finished carton. The die-cut and pre-creased card is folded together and strong adhesive is applied using our two specialist gluing lines.

The gluing styles we offer include:

  • Straight line
  • Crash lock
  • Four-point gluing/ six-point gluing/ multipoint gluing
  • Double-seam gluing


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We can shape, print and manufacture a wide range of folded carton packaging including:

  • Tuck end cartons
  • Crash lock base cartons
  • Envelope base cartons
  • Carry Packs
  • Wallets
  • Sleeves Die-cuts
  • Self-erect boxes
  • Six-corner glued boxes
  • Trays and Lids
  • Windowed cartons
  • Gusset-sided cartons