Embossing & Foiling

Adding visual and tactile distinction to your carton packaging

At Wisden Packaging we provide a full range of embossing and foiling options as part of our carton packaging printing and production services. These options are ideal for when you’re looking to make your cartons more distinctive, both visually and through touch.

Embossing is a process where a part of the carton’s surface is raised above the level of the general surface. Foiling is where a foil pattern is printed onto the carton’s surface to create a localised shiny feature.


Embossing is achieved through a combination of pressure and heat on the card material. A metal die and counter die, raise or push the fibres of the heated card into the desired shape. The result is an effect where lettering, patterns or pictures appear more 3-dimensional than the surrounding surfaces.

There’s also debossing, which is the opposite of embossing. This is where the surface is lowered instead of raised, and also creates a nice 3D effect and distinctive visual element.


Foiling, otherwise known as hot foil stamping, is where a heated metal block is used to transfer foil pigment onto card. With the combination of heat and pressure, the foil which is chemically etched onto the metal block in the desired shape, is transferred to the carton material.

Gold and silver are the most frequently used foiling colours though there’s a range of other pigments we can use. These can also be used to create different effects such as solid, pearlescent and holographic finishes.



These are just some of the visual and tactile finishes you can use to turn your standard cardboard packaging into bespoke luxury retail cartons which jump off the shelves and into your customers hands.

As expert packaging printers, let us guide you through the options along with the benefits and cost implications of each so you can make a fully informed decision and create the best solution for your branded carton packaging.