Laminate & Varnish

Protective films providing carton durability and enhancement

Your cartons need visual enhancement and protection, and that’s where a laminate can help. Lamination is where a clear plastic film is applied to the surface of the carton. The film protects the card from dirt, stains and moisture, as well adding a little extra structural strength.

Protect Your Packaging

At Wisden Packaging we provide a range of carton laminate options including gloss or matte films. The processes we use can apply film to flat and embossed surfaces alike, ensuring every type of carton packaging can be effectively laminated. The choice of lamination frequently depends on the end-use of the carton. Different laminating and varnishing options suit different environments and applications, and these are considered during close consultations with our customers.


  • INCREASED DURABILITY – the card material is able withstand frequent handling, usage and transportation.
  • CONTAMINATE PROTECTION – the laminate protects the card against stains, tears, wrinkles, fingerprint marks, moisture, abrasions, grease, and more.
  • ADDED MATERIAL STRENGTH – lamination creates an extra level of strength and stiffness to the carton material.




  • APPEARANCE ENHANCEMENT – the ink colours on the carton are enhanced which add vibrancy and increased visual appeal.
  • COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY – a clear laminate is completely see-through and allows for the graphic designs and any 3D effects to be seen with clarity.
  • COST EFFECTIVE – lamination increases carton protection and durability thereby saving money on the need for reprints. Our team makes sure your cartons receive all the benefits of quality laminating and varnishing.