Litho Printed Packaging

High quality litho printed packaging & folded cartons

Litho printing is an important component of eye-catching packaging. Consumers are drawn to the beautiful graphics and visual aesthetics of a carton, even before they realise what the product is. The package design then works to inform, influence and persuade the shopper to buy. High quality printing is therefore vital, especially for luxury products where brand reputation means everything.


At Wisden Packaging we understand your folding cartons need the very best litho printing services. We provide beautiful photographic quality printing solutions for any type of folded carton packaging you require. Our industry leading printing machines deliver multi-colour accuracy and precision detailing. This means your carton graphic designs come out looking as precise and as beautiful as intended.


We place great importance on working closely together with our customers throughout every project. Every carton is different and we look for ways to ensure our lithographic printing process helps the unique designs look beautiful and stand out from the crowd.



We have the technology to print on a wide range of substrates including boxboards, krafts and even shiny metpol-faced boards. Also known as mirri or mirror board, metpol is notoriously difficult to work with but allows you to add that touch of luxury. With many years experience we are happy to take on the more technically difficult printing jobs so call us now. We like a challenge!