sample making & mock ups

Receive accurate prototypes of your cartons before beginning full production

What will the product look like on the shelf? How will the packaging feel when being held in the hand? Can it survive the rigours of transportation?


At Wisden Packaging we provide samples and mock ups of your custom carton designs so you know exactly what you’re getting. We understand how difficult it can be to make judgements based simply on computer graphics and measurements. Sometimes, you just need to see and feel the carton in your hands.


Our sample making services also allow you to test different carton finishes and features. If you’re unsure about whether to select matt or gloss, or to emboss or deboss, our carton samples help you to see the many different options up-close.


Carton testing

Strong cartons hold up to being dropped, knocked, and transported. We provide you with samples and prototypes you can use in logistical trials to ensure your carton’s suitability before being mass-produced. When you can test the mock-up yourself, you will discover if the original structural specifications were accurate or need to be modified to fit the product.