Window Packaging

Showcase your products to the world

If you’ve invested in your primary packaging it would be a shame to keep it hidden.

Show off the products inside your cartons with protective clarity, allowing customers to see what’s inside while keeping them safe and enclosed.


Window packaging is a great way to display your products within their carton. Consumers get to actually see the item inside rather than just a graphic representation on the side of the box. For certain products this can increase the visual appeal of the packaging and increase the likelihood people will make a purchase.


At Wisden Packaging we understand how important window patching is both to the stability, security and aesthetics of a carton. We use a range of different materials, including clear acetate and PET windows, to make sure your cartons display your products in the most effective way possible. We work closely with you to select the right window patching material to suit the type of product inside.


Be transparent

Our specialist window patching machines deliver the appropriate material to any window shape and size required. From simple rectangular outlines to more intricate shapes, we can attach the window material so it forms an integral part of your carton packaging.